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NBN Change Over

David Griffin - Thursday, July 27, 2017


Many businesses are being forced to change over to the NBN as their phones and internet will be turned off, this has proven very daunting to many business owners and as reported there have been many problems with change overs in the past.

The first thing for all to understand is “don’t” listen to the telephone companies to find out when your areas change over date is. The only way that you are guaranteed to find out the exact dates are checkout the NBN website and fill out their contact us page.

When you find out you change over date you can then choose the provider you want to go with and there is a huge list of options.

Once you know what your date is it is advisable to select your provider and start the process at least 2 months before final cut-off date, this allows time for numbers to be ported over, new phones or adaptors to be ordered that may be required.

Things that “may” need to be changed or reset up are Phones, Fax Machines, Networks, Eftpos machines, Alarms (if they are networked or back to base monitored)

The more involved you are with you provider come change over day the smoother it will be. Compared to a year ago they are completing the changeovers a lot better today although still be prepared for the odd anomaly and have contact numbers ready at change over time.

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