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Looking for Quality PC or Laptops?

David Griffin - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Computer and printer Sales, Servicing and Repairs

Are you looking for that special Christmas present? We have a great range of top brand laptops, PC’s and printers for sale.

If you want peace of mind and know that you are getting the best advice on what you are looking for we have fully qualified Microsoft technicians and qualified printer technicians so you can be sure that we are going to offer you the right product that is going to suit your actual requirements and is going to last as well as know that if you have any problems you have the best after sales service and support that you won’t get from buying at the multi-nationals or online.

We can sell you the same $400 Laptops or PC’s that many other retailers sell but you will get what you pay for so buyer beware. Our general recommendations is to buy brands and models that have the better quality parts that will last longer than 18 months as with many of the cheap ones with cheap hard drives and components last 12 to 24 months and need replacing let alone the cost of recovering data.

A good idea before purchasing is to make a list of what you would use your computer for, e.g. Emails, browsing, data processing, photos, streaming etc. and be as detailed as possible so we can supply you with the right processor, ram, hard drive, graphics card etc. that would suit your needs.

We also custom build PC’s for businesses, Gamers and graphic designers.

As a special offer mention this post and any purchase before 31st January 2018 we will throw a free 12 months clean up service for free (valued at $135.00)


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