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Compatible Inks & Toners

David Griffin - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

For a while now businesses have been receiving lots of phone calls, emails & fax’s regarding cheap inks & Toners from lots of different suppliers.

Firstly if you are interested in buying Generic toners we can supply them & more likely cheaper than what you are getting offered by many of these other companies so please ask to see me or one of our sales reps.

As a fully qualified printer Technician servicing and repairing nearly all brands of printers and copiers and recently attending numerous call outs to repair printers that have either broken down purely from age or use, and the customer has excessive inks or toners lying around that can’t be used or the printer has broken down because of the compatible cartridge or toner.

Now I am not against using compatible inks & toners but I do know that after years of experience that they work better in some printers and brands than others so I have made some points for you to look at so you can make proper informed decisions.

There are a couple of things to take into consideration before purchasing from these companies:-

  • These companies are not interested in looking after your business they are simply after quick sales with some not registered as Australian business therefore not paying much if any tax.
  • They are more interested in pushing bulk buys with a no refund policy if your printer breaks down therefore you are usually stuck with lots of useless cartridges and have just lost all the money that you thought you were saving.
  • Some printer’s compatibles will work out fine and save you heaps. For example most compatible Brothers, Canons, and some HP toners are perfectly fine to use. Some Xerox, Oki, Samsung and Epson work fine too but some models they are terrible in. But there are some brands you just need to say no to one being Kyocera as the toner is far too abrasive for the Diamond drums and the cost difference between a compatible and a genuine isn’t worth the cost of replacing Drums and developers in the Kyocera. That would also be true with many large copier toners.When deciding on choosing to use a compatible you need to weigh up on whether the cost saving on buying the compatible will cover shorter life spans of drum units and other printer parts.
  • You also must be aware that you will get some failures in compatibles like leaking toners, poor print quality or fails to recognise in your printer. All companies that sell compatibles know this and should offer you a no cost replacement including cost of freight. You may be required to provide a print sample of the problem.
  • Please be aware that 90% of compatible toners come from China the other 10% from South America and that they CAN’T be recycled in Australia. The number one cartridge recycling place in Australia is Planet Ark (Close the Loop) will not accept compatibles and these will be sent to land fill. This to be honest is mainly because they are sponsored by the major companies such as HP, Canon, and Samsung etc.

For general industry rates for printer technicians call outs is around $160.00 & up to $280.00 per hour with many charging travel as well. We have for years offered discount service calls for current account customers but if customers are using cartridges not supplied by Hunter Office Supplies the full $160.00 Call out will be charged.

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