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Built for Business

David Griffin - Wednesday, October 04, 2017

At Hunter Office Supplies we take great pride in the superior build quality, reliability, and efficiency of our custom build computers. Let’s take a look and see what the difference is between branded computers from all of the major manufacturers because, believe it or not, there is a difference!

Branded PC’s for SME

Most computer manufacturers actually have a range of business computers to suit most businesses. For example HP has the ProDesk range of SFF (small form factor) computers that are very reliable and, in most cases, come with a long on-site warranty (usually around 3 years or so). The same is also found with Lenovo computers. However, under the branded PC’s there are two types or quality standards, I call them “consumer” and “business”. The main reason they do this is because business owners and users within a business have completely different needs. For example, a business will not need to best graphics and superfast Wifi or the standard version of Windows. Instead a business will need better warranty support, build quality, reliability, compatibility for a business environment, and the correct version of Windows. The last point is very important. It cannot be stressed at how important it is to have the correct Windows installed on your new investment but that’s a whole other blog, but rest assured having the Professional version of Windows is very important.

As for the consumer type computers, they don’t have all the things listed above. They will have a standard 12month warranty, certain parts for gaming, less ability to be repaired when out side of warranty, and important parts like the hard drive are not business grade, this means a higher chance of failure, and we all know that if your busy having a cheap consumer laptop repaired, either under warranty or out of warranty, then you are not getting any work done. So when buying a computer for business and you decide to go for a good quality branded PC, make sure you talk to an IT professional as we know what’s going to be a good investment for your business.

Custombuild PC’s

Custom built PC’s are just that - custom. As you know there are many different businesses with different needs and dynamics. With a custom build PC we can build the computer with very, very reliable parts and different components that suit your needs. For example if you are a doctor’s surgery, you probably won’t need a custom built computer for the receptionist. He/she would need a HP Pro Desk PC or Lenovo M73 type system. However, if you run a manufacturing or architect type business, then you would be far better off with a custom built computer system, here’s why:

Anyone who works with CAD (Computer Aided Design) needs two things, memory and a quadro card. Of course there are other components but for those types of industries these components are essential. Some small businesses may want a custom build computer with two or more hard drives or you may want 2 hard drives and one to be the backup of the other. It really depends on what your requirements are. With a custom build PC we can achieve this. Custom build PC’s can also be upgraded with more ram, extra hard drives, better graphics card, extra CD/DVD drives, wifi expansion cards etc. Buying a custom build PC is easy as pie. Just let us know what programs you use, what type of business you run and what your budget is. We can then come back with our recommended option and other options for you to choose from. The process we take is very particular to ensure that investment will do everything you want and more. If you are in the market for a new computer for your business, drop in and talk to our friendly IT team at Hunter Office Supplies from the best expert advice in the area.

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